When a jewelry designer creates high-profile, artisan pieces for high-profile, artistic individuals, the world takes notice. That is precisely the beauty of Jennifer Reeves Designs, where artistry meets sophistication. This gorgeous jewelry turns heads, bestowing the adorned socialite with an attention-stealing advantage at any fiercely competitive gathering!

Indeed, Jennifer’s work has been referred to as “jewelry from Australia that is taking over America,” and we believe we know why: Jennifer creates art that one can wear, a fashion phenomenon that tends to awaken some intrinsic sense of self-worth and confidence within the wearer.

Jennifer Reeves Designs have also captured the stylish imaginations of film and television celebrities, who have been spotted donning Jennifer’s Opals, Pearls and a myriad of enchanting gems. Please enjoy browsing through our elite photo gallery, and note the impeccable tastes of those on display.

Setting aside the aesthetic appeal of her jewelry designs, Jennifer’s remarkable back story of floral artist turned world-class jeweler has captivated the minds of the media. Her creative journey has been profiled at many online and print publications, some of which are pictured here.

We warmly welcome you to peruse just a few of Jennifer’s press items, so you can begin to understand how this jewelry artist from “down under” has climbed her way to the top of the high-fashion industry.