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pearl necklace

Not many things in the world are as regal and elegant as Precious Pearls. Pearls are associated with wisdom and grace. Did you know that the Pearl was the first gem to be valued by mankind? It was once believed that Pearls were dewdrops from the heavens. These timeless gems never go out of style and Pearl jewelry can be worn year round. Pearls are a perfect way to celebrate; whether the occasion is a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or graduation gift, you will find a piece in Jennifer’s “Precious Pearl” collection that is sure to be treasured and admired.

There are several varieties of Cultured Pearls, including the Aloya Pearl, South Sea Pearl, Tahitian Pearl and Freshwater Pearl. Jennifer Reeves uses the Freshwater Pearl, as it comes in all shapes, forms and colors. Many Freshwater Pearls are white, but they can also be pink, orange, dark purple and differing pastel shades. The wide variety of Freshwater Pearls enables and challenges our jewelry designer to create jewelry with her imagination. Jennifer hand picks Freshwater Pearls from reputable sources, selecting only high-quality Pearls for use in her jewelry. For educational purposes, there are 7 “virtues” of Pearls by Pearl industry standard which can be used to determine the value of the Pearls. These “virtues” include: Luster, Surface Quality, Shape, Color, Size, Nacre Quality and Matching. Freshwater Pearls are the most accessible type of Pearl, which makes a good price point for most Pearl jewelry lovers.

Jennifer Reeve’s Precious Pearls are truly waterborne wonders that celebrate the refined woman. Pearls, which are naturally chic and classy, are for every woman. Remember, the Diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but Pearls are her soul mate.