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Australia offers many breathtaking natural wonders and relics of ancient culture. Each year, visitors are drawn to the wildlife; beaches; universities; and wet, tropic rainforests, not to mention two famous wonders of the world—Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House. For jeweler Jennifer Reeves, though, the allure is two-fold: family and Australian Boulder Opals.

Reeves, who used to call the rustic beauty of Australia “home,” enjoys visiting family. During these trips, she frequents trade shows or meets with suppliers to resource her stock of unique gemstones.

This past Christmas season, Reeves stopped in Sydney to revisit the famous Opera House, meet prominent business owners, and conduct her morning run under the Sydney bridge. As a world traveler, Reeves has visited many beautiful cities, but Sydney, Australia, holds a special place in her heart.

“The purpose of my December Down Under trip was for both family and business,” said Reeves, who met with an Opal merchant in Sydney to purchase her latest collection of Boulder Opals.

Boulder Opal is one of the most admired and valuable of all Australian Opals, and is found only in the desert of Queensland, Australia. The ironstone boulders from which it’s mined leave layers of ironstone on the back of the opal, providing a stunning contrast of marbled earth tones and brilliant color. Reeves incorporates the Opal into handcrafted jewelry that is as exquisite as it is colorful.

For more information on Reeves’ Boulder Opal design collection, visit her “Australian Opals” webpage and experience firsthand the unique beauty of gemstones from “down under.”