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Did you know that in early history, earrings were worn mainly by men? As far back as 7000 years ago, men in Egypt and Assyria donned earrings to show their higher class status. Conversely, Roman men only wore them if they were slaves. Over the centuries, earrings have since gone on to be worn by women and men around the world, signifying various cultural conditions.

Today, women of all cultures and backgrounds wear earrings more than ever and we couldn’t be happier. Jennifer Reeves Designs provide a varied selection of earrings showcasing multiple gemstones that highlight fashion across the spectrum, whether it be high fashion, casual or business oriented.

Women’s earrings today are often worn to complement one’s facial structure, hair color, eyes, to correct a short neck, sharpen features or even soften angles. That’s a lot of ground covered just by wearing earrings! Indeed, the versatility of earrings has very few limitations.

When it comes to artistic creations in jewelry, Jennifer Reeves has created a stellar collection that can accommodate almost any event. Using a variety of vibrant gemstones hand-selected for their beauty, you will find many possibilities to complement your wardrobe. Do you have a festive event coming up such as a wedding? One of our gemstone earring selections can make the occasion one to remember.

Whether you are seeking something special for your own jewelry collection or looking for a unique gift for someone special in your life, Jennifer Reeve Designs is happy to help. We invite you to give us a call at 708-717-5942 today with any inquiries regarding our creations!