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gemstone jewelry

Despite the magnificence and mastery with which Jennifer Reeves Designs jewelry masterpieces, Jennifer has not been creating gemstone jewelry for her whole life. Believe it or not, her story began not as a brilliant gemstone jewelry creator, but as a floral artist.

Jennifer practiced her first artistic love at a floral boutique in North Queensland, Australia. She gathered exotic flowers to create radiant combinations. With time, Jennifer developed a skilled sense of visual design. She began jewelry design as a hobby, but her drive to conjure art guided her career from delicate petals to spectacular jewelry. Her passion for creating wearable masterworks lead to Jennifer’s company: Jennifer Reeves Designs.

As she hails from “down under,” Jennifer loves modeling Australia’s national gemstone, the Opal. Jennifer has special expertise with designing masterpieces with the Boulder Opal, which is primarily mined in Queensland, Australia. Jennifer also creates pieces with gemstones, Freshwater Pearls, Sterling silver, Crystal, and more.

Jennifer attends trade shows on a regular basis so that she can hand-select gemstones hailing from Australia, Brazil, India, USA, China, Russia, Switzerland, and other exotic places.

True beauty—natural beauty that is captured in Earth’s gemstones—is timeless. Jennifer’s exclusive jewelry designs enhance the natural beauty of the wearer. Browse our site to learn more and to find the piece that best complements your natural beauty.