Does Jennifer Reeves Designs provide free shipping?

Yes, shipping is free, except orders outside the United States have a flat rate international shipping fee of $24.95 USD.

Where can I find the best jewelry?

Jennifer Reeves Designs is where artistry meets sophistication. Jennifer is a floral artist turned world-class jeweler who creates original pieces for men and women with earthy and organic gemstones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, and crystal, just to name a few. Jennifer’s pieces are often referred to as “the art one can wear.”

Does Jennifer Reeves accept custom-made jewelry orders?

Yes. Jennifer and her team can fulfill special requests for custom orders. To request a custom-made piece — or to customize an existing piece from Jennifer’s collection — please visit our Contact page. You will receive an estimate and a timeline prior to finalizing your custom order.

Does Jennifer Reeves Designs provide gift-wrapping services?

Yes, we love to gift-wrap our products for our customers. Simply request our gift-wrapping service when placing your order, and all gift orders will be wrapped in fine, quality gift wrap.

What if I need help while placing my order?

Please feel free to contact Jennifer Reeves Designs by calling 708.717.5942 seven days a week, during business hours, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain time, or via e-mail:

Does Jennifer Reeves Designs accept international orders?

Yes, we do accept international orders! Note: There will be a flat rate international shipping fee of $25 USD.

Are returns or exchanges permitted?

We are happy to accept returns or make exchanges. We thrive to keep our customers happy. Should returns or exchanges be required, arrangements can be made, and we will reimburse your return shipping costs. Simply write to us via our contact page, or call 708.717.5942 to discuss the details.

What inspires jewelry designer Jennifer Reeves?

From the time she was a child until she finished her college education, Jennifer was always the top of her class in art. When she was living in Far North Queensland Australia, she was deeply inspired by the beautiful, world famous rain forest and the outback. Her talents were nurtured through her exploration of the country’s remarkable terrain and rich resources. Some of Jennifer’s collection has been created to reflect the exotic landscape of Australia.

What makes Jennifer Reeves’s jewelry designs so unique?

Each piece of jewelry that Jennifer designs is produced through an experienced artisan’s craftsmanship, and her positive outlook on life is evident through her pieces. Most jewelry designs are one-of-a-kind creations, and some are limited edition. Through each earthy and organic gemstone, Jennifer endeavors to connect her wearers with Mother Nature.

Where does jeweler Jennifer Reeves acquire gemstones for her pieces?

As a jet-setting world traveler, Jennifer regularly attends many gem trade shows where world-class gem traders showcase their merchandise from exotic locations, such as Brazil, India, China, Russia and many other locations across Europe. During her frequent visits to her home town in Australia, Jennifer meets with Opal miners and traders of the beautiful Boulder Opal, which is rare and mesmerizing.

Are all the gemstones and pearls used in Jennifer Reeves Designs genuine?

All gemstones and pearls are indeed authentic, quality materials. Some of Jennifer’s designs require the use of Swarovski or vintage crystals, which are also comprised of the highest quality.