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Did you know that the Pearl was the first type of gem to be valued by mankind? This is no surprise, as not many things in this world are as regal and elegant as Precious Pearls. Legends say that Pearls were dewdrops from heaven. Pearls are timeless and can be worn year round. No matter the occasion, Pearls are the perfect gift.

Varieties of Cultured Pearls include the Aloya Pearl, the South Sea Pearl, the Tahitian Pearl, and the Freshwater Pearl. Because they come in all shapes, forms, and colors, Jennifer Reeves uses Freshwater Pearls. In addition to white, Freshwater Pearls also come in pink, orange, dark purple, and a variety of pastel colors. Jennifer carefully chooses Freshwater Pearls from reputable sources to create stunning jewelry.

The 7 “virtues” that the Pearl industry uses to determine the value of Pearls include: Luster, Surface Quality, Shape, Color, Size, Nacre Quality, and Matching. Did you know that of all the types of Pearl, Freshwater Pearls are the most accessible? Because of this, Freshwater Pearls are more affordable for Pearl jewelry lovers.

pearl necklace

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Jennifer Reeve’s Precious Pearls jewelry, like “Fit for the Royals,” are chic and classy and are the perfect adornment for every woman. These waterborne wonders celebrate the refined woman. Remember, the Diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but Pearls are her soul mate. Feel free to contact us at 708-717-5942 with any comments or questions about our jewelry.