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Just like you can apply make-up and design your hair to enhance your natural beauty, you can choose jewelry that will compliment your facial features.

Do you know your face shape? Take a look in the mirror or at a picture of yourself and see if you can draw a particular shape around the lines of your face. You might want to compare it to the face shapes of the celebrities in our online gallery.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, you can use this list of describing words to look for the right jewelry for your facial type:

Oval and Diamond Faces

Necklaces: short, collar-length, wide curls, rectangles
Earrings: studs, short to mid length dangles, ear climbers or jackets

Triangle and Square Faces

Necklaces: long with eye-catching pendants
Earrings: dangles that reach to or below the jawline, perhaps rounded at the bottom

Oblong and Rectangle Faces

Necklaces: short with a wide curve, circular pendants
Earrings: studs, climbers, jackets, chandelier styles or teardrop shapes

Round Faces

Necklaces: V or Y shaped, long layers, geometric shapes
Earrings: Long, geometric shapes

Heart Shaped Faces

Necklaces: shorter, collar-length, bold curves
Earrings: wide at the jawline, teardrop-shaped

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