Sterling Silver: Beauty & Durability

Jennifer Reeves Designs is proud to use only the best materials to create stunning jewelry. This includes searching out beautiful, quality Opals, Pearls, and gemstones from around the world. However, the metals used in Jennifer’s jewelry collections are just as crucial to create the perfect piece. History of Metals in Jewelry The use of metals… Read more »

Selecting Jewelry that Compliments Your Body Type

You may already know how to dress for your body type. Did you know that you can do the same with jewelry? The general rule (with some exception) is that if you want to draw attention to one of your better physical characteristics and distract from those that are less appealing, wear jewelry that falls… Read more »

How Earrings Can Complement Your Facial Features

Did you know that in early history, earrings were worn mainly by men? As far back as 7000 years ago, men in Egypt and Assyria donned earrings to show their higher class status. Conversely, Roman men only wore them if they were slaves. Over the centuries, earrings have since gone on to be worn by… Read more »

Queen of Smokey Quartz

One of the most popular minerals people are familiar with is quartz, perhaps because it can be found in almost all mineral environments. It’s also available in many varieties, forms, and colors, and quite a few of the mineral varieties are color-enhanced. Smoky Quartz is a color variety of a type of crystalline quartz found… Read more »

The Perfect Jewel

Fig1. – Click image to buy Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found at Earth’s surface. Since ancient times, Quartz has been the most commonly used mineral in jewelry making. This is because the properties of quartz make it an excellent gemstone. Quartz is hard, durable, accepts a brilliant polish, and comes in… Read more »

Lava Beads: Hot Rocks that are Cool to Wear

What do you know about lava beads? This stone is used more frequently in jewelry making than ever before and is an earthy, elegant addition to your wardrobe. These versatile traits make them appealing to both men and women. These beautiful beads are formed when a volcano erupts and spews forth lava. The beads are… Read more »

Tears of the Moon

Jennifer Reeves incorporates Freshwater Pearls in her jewelry collections because they showcase style, taste, and sophistication. These beauties are also associated with grace and wisdom. Freshwater Pears develop into a variety of colors, including pastels, dark purples, light pinks, and classic white. Some Freshwater Pearls develop with a metallic appearance, which gives Jennifer creative flexibility… Read more »

The Queen of Gems

Those born in October are very fortunate to have the Opal as their birthstone. Opals are a variety of quartz that forms in small spheres. The colors of the spectrum are visible when light hits these spheres. The rainbow fragments of the Opal can shift and change in different lighting, revealing a luminous range of… Read more »

The Vision Behind the Logo

  Artistry Meets Sophistication   Jennifer Reeves designs art one can wear. Her jewelry pieces include beauties like the Opal, gemstones, Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling silver. Jennifer believes that the natural beauty of gemstones is timeless. Her jewelry designs enhance the natural beauty of the wearer, just as rays of sunlight enhance the gemstone. Jennifer… Read more »

Meanings of Exquisite Birthstones

Gemstones are universally admired and used in jewelry. Some of the most popular gems are birthstones. There is a birthstone associated with each month of the year. It is believed that birthstones date back to the breastplate of Aaron that contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The current list of birthstones was… Read more »